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The question that comes across almost everybody’s mind when they hear of the metaverse is, “How is the metaverse different from gaming?” Do you have the same question? This blog will help you make clear distinction between the two

There are certainly many lines of distinction. Let us name them one by one.

1) Objective One of the major distinctions that sets apart metaverse from gaming is the presence or absence of objective. The gaming is built on the principle of creating objectives so as to keep a person motivated to move in that world. The objective is set. There is a battle that goes on within a person through the game to reach the objective so as to run on another level. That is a replica of the real world, in the sense of hustle and always giving that competitive environment to the individual. As and when person reach that objective, he/she is transported to next level or to put is simply, to reach a whole new objective When we talk of the metaverse, it is a lot different. The world is created so as to make people meet, socialise and celebrate time together, even when they cannot afford or wish to leave their homes. There is clearly no goal that an individual is chasing. It is a free space to discover and enjoy. It is an exact replica of the real world, in the sense that it takes into account the “augmented reality”. There are no levels to be introduced but a whole world that makes you feel like reality.

2) The Structure

The structure is also an important aspect that sets the two apart. The basics of gaming includes several boxes of levels that are tied together through a chain. To get out of one box and enter into another, one has to complete the objective. This consists of a number of worlds that are connected and move in a linear format. One cannot think of going back to the world that one wants. One way movement restricts the user of his/her choice.

Whereas when we talk of metaverse, there is a single world that comprises all the elements. The entire process happens in a single box, rather than moving from one box to another.

3) Rules Rules are another major distinction that sets apart two look alike. The rules are something that a game cannot function without. There are certain explicitly laid down guidelines that one needs to follow so as to achieve an objective that has been set. Rules are as boundaries that are laid down to continue to be a part of the boxes of world. When we turn around and look at the metaverse, there are no rules to be followed. A person can, anyway, be part of the metaverse. There are no guidelines or rules that are to be followed.

4) Constructive Vs Non-Constructive

Another difference can be spotted in the way they are designed along with the motive.

Gaming is a complete virtual world that is constructive in nature. Since, the game never tries to depict the real world or reality in any manner, the games are made in a manner that replicates the same.

For example- If anything is broken at place, it will automatically be reconstructed.

As a person comes back to it after a minute or so, the place is as it was before. But, in real world that can never happen and hence the game showcases that. But when we specifically talk of the metaverse, it portrays a different scenario. Since, metaverse follows a different objective of portraying reality, it is non-constructive in nature.

The example would be completely reversed as the one stated above. Because in reality, the world that is what happens and hence the metaverse showcases the same.

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