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Augmented reality

It was in 1968, when augmented reality technology was developed in Harvard by computer scientist Ivan Sutherland (father of computer graphics) with the help of an AR head mounted display system. But it was only in 1990, when the term “Augmented Reality” was coined by Tim Caudell (Boeing researcher). It was a long journey, starting from thinking of augmented reality as a science fiction concept to science based reality. Until recently, the buying of augmented reality devices or to experience one, was considered luxury. But today, augmented reality could be experienced with use of one among the simplistic devices, i.e, Smart Phone.

Augmented reality is a real time image superimposed by computer generated image through technology. It creates a replica of people’s perception of the real world with the blend of three-dimensional and digital components. According to Techtarget, “Augmented reality (AR) is the integration of digital information with the user's environment in real time.” It makes use of the real world and provides individuals with more realistic experience despite actually disconnecting with the one.

Augmented reality delivers the virtually created realistic environment through visual elements, sound and even with other sensory. It might include one or three of what is mentioned above. Augmented reality can be experienced through mobile phones,

Today, Google Classroom, HUDs(Heads-up display) in car windshield are two of the major examples through which we can witness AR applications. This technology could be seen in many other industries including healthcare, public safety, gas and oil, tourism and marketing.

Augmented reality is one of the trends in the technological environment today and it is advancing its expansion with adoption of its applications available on most commonly used devices, like Mobile Phones. It is the gaming world, that is extensively bearing fruits by employing augmented reality. One of the finest examples, that could be included is the mobile gaming application Pokemon Go. This game was released in 2016 and became an irresistible sensation. The basic goal of the game was to accumulate Pokemon that could be spotted at different locations in real world.

After this and especially after the increasing adoption of gaming by people, that happened after COVID-19, the application of augmented reality into the games have increased.

Metaverse which is said to use mixed reality, that is Augmented and Virtual Reality, inculcates highest rank of application of augmented reality.

For example- India’s first metaverse-LOKA, incorporates augmented reality by replicating Connaught Place, a location situated in the capital of India, Delhi.

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