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Made it Matter for HDFC

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

HDFC ERGO celebrated the 50th edition of MAKE IT MATTER on 2nd November 2022 with the theme of Metaverse, in India's first Metaverse platform LOKA. This was carried in the form of panel discussion, surrounding the theme with participation by several industry experts including the FinServ Lead of Meta and CTO of HDFC. With an hour long discussion, the event bid bye on a fruitful futuristic note.

Being one of its kind, it was India’s first event which was carried out in virtual as well as physical mode simultaneously, i.e Phygital event. This was an interactive session which incorporated questions from both the real and the metaverse world. It was conducted virtually in CP, while the real event took place at HDFC ERGO office in Mumbai.

There were people who attended the event in Mumbai. In addition to that, there were 7000 people who participated via logging into LOKA through their phone or PC. But this was not it. With more than 15000 viewers who were viewing the episode through youtube live stream, the event was showered with the presence of more than 22000 people. This was a rare hall meeting in the metaverse in LOKA.

HDFC ERGO also opened a store inside LOKA for the event duration which acted as the gateway to their website. They additionally advertised their offerings using Billboards in LOKA.

Apart from technicalities, the users were able to experience various features of the LOKA world, including throwing ball, playing football and flying, along with their peers with a variety of choices of avatars to choose from.

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