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Updated: Dec 10, 2022

LOKA, one of the first metaverses of India, started with this initiative of celebrating different Indian festivals on their platform. With this, the world experienced the first ever metaverse celebration of the holy festival of Dussehra on 5th October, this year. The event was enjoyed by more than 80,000 people, who witnessed the history and became an important aspect of it. As they say that when you aspire for something with great desire, the whole world conspires to make it happen. With this, most of North India witnessed rainfall just before dussehra that provides justification to the number of audiences. With Lord Rama establishing the victory of good over evil, the festive feel was all around. In addition to that, one could hear the continuous chanting of the entire tale of Ramayana. The celebration was all around along with the crackers. The exact replication of Lord Rama, Ravana, Kumbhkaran and Meghnad, made it all so realistic and the event was a huge success.

With the evolving world and emerging concept of the metaverse, India begins taking slow steps. One of the startups in the metaverse, LOKA represented Indian diversity and festival on the global platform of the metaverse, engaging a huge amount of audience. It was the very first instance of any metaverse celebrating a festival, that too incorporating the ambiance. Additionally, it provided a platform for all those who might not be able to attend with an opportunity to encounter this grand festival. With Dussehra being an auspicious festival, LOKA added Indian value to the metaverse culture. With future planning of celebrating even more such festivals, the world of metaverse will witness historical events.

In the ever-increasing phase of pollution, metaverse Dussehra is the best nearest alternative to reality. It does not add to the pollution or degradation of the environment but uses augmented and virtual reality to replicate reality to give you an appreciable experience. Keeping in mind the current situation of air quality and ever-increasing pollution, this initiative could be thought of as a sustainable way of celebration.

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