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First ever Indian K-Pop Metaverse concert

People experienced the first ever Indian K-POP metaverse concert with celebrities including Rashmika Mandanna (Bollywood actress), Radhika Bangia (influencer) ( and Priyanka Majumdar (Indian K-Pop singer). The event, named BoAt Floatverse, happened on one of the first Indian Metaverse-LOKA and was hosted by Boat, hence shared the name. There were several adventures to win heavy discounts on BoAt products and a chance to fly to Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

LOKA X BoAt Floatverse K-Pop Concert Rashmika Mandanna, ( National Crush, is an Indian actress who majorly acts in Kannada and Telugu films. She will soon be making her Debut with Bollywood sensation, the Amitabh Bachhan. She has been applauded for her amazing skills at various platforms on a number of occasions. Her recent achievement made her the nominee and the winner of Best Actress at Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival for Dear Comrade. She has been a winner for 7 awards and has been a nominee for quite a few. Priyanka Mazumdar, ( Indian female to become a Korean pop star, who debuted for Z- group, became a sensation. She is the first Indian Singer to get to the finale of the annual K-pop World Festival, which was held back in 2016.

The event happened in LOKA metaverse, that depicted the replica of Connaught Place, which is located in Delhi, capital of India. This branding exercise of BoAt led people to think of metaverse as a platform which provides experiential pleasure. With around 20,000 users inside the world of LOKA, it created an amazing impact statistically as well as experientially. The average time spent by each user was more than 10 minutes, that was spent enjoying the discounts, concert, dancing around, talking to people and experiencing one of its kind. With more than 9000 users jumping into the platform for the first time, this was a massive hit with #BoAtFloatverse being the second highest trending hashtag on Twitter. Twitter being a platform that supports actual content, shows the success of the event. The mentions over Twitter were 100% positive with a net sentiment score of 100% positive. This concert witnessed attendees from over 90 cities across 25 countries. In case you have missed the event, we will further explain what exactly happened over there. Since it took place on the LOKA Metaverse, the attendees needed to install the application on their phones. With this simple step, they entered the world of Metaverse. As soon as one entered, they were pleased to have access to Connaught Place with just a few buttons. There were floating cards of Boat all around that they needed to collect so as to win the massive discount. A lucky user was promised a trip to Seoul, the capital of South Korea by the organiser, BoAt. It happened in the centre of CP, where a Dome with the branding was set up. While the concert was going on, the people were happy to have Ladoos in both their hands. The branding exercise by BoAt, proved to be a hit. Their signature merchandise including portable speakers, headphone and smart watches, were showcased in an interactive manner. Attracting a lot of audience through LOKA metaverse, the publicity stunt was a hit.

“Through FloAtverse, we created an experience that combines the cultural trend of KPop with the latest marketing technology. During Shark Tank, I met Krishnan, the founder of Loka, and had an in-depth conversation around metaverse with him. Huge kudos to Loka and my team to get this project together,” Aman Gupta, co-founder, boAt, stated.

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